Healthcare Professionals and Stakeholders

Your role

We are seeking your support in identifying families that would benefit from participating in the Family Healthy Living Program.

The Program: The Family Healthy Living program is a FREE, family-based, ‘made-in-BC’ childhood healthy weights early intervention program. Read more>>

The Evaluation: The Family Healthy Living early intervention program was developed using an evidence-based approach and will undergo a process and outcome evaluation. Read more >>

Other Supports for Families: The Family Healthy Living Program has been informed by and aligned with existing childhood healthy weights programs in BC, including Shapedown BC and the HealthLink BC Eating and Activity Program for Kids. Read more>>

How to Register for the Family Healthy Living Program: Interested families will self-register for the program using the contact information found on the contact page.

If you have any questions regarding the program or would like to request promotional materials please contact Karen Strange, Project Director: [ or 1-250-882-6755] or Teresa Hartrick, Project Coordinator: [ or toll free at: 1-888-650-3141].