Stakeholder Consultation

A consultative approach was used to design and develop the Family Healthy Living Program. A community stakeholder consultation was undertaken between December 2017 to February 2018.The overarching external stakeholder consultation is presented as an infographic illustrating 10 engagements across BC and 305 participants.

Consultation Webinar

Childhood Healthy Weights Early Intervention Program webinars were held on January 10 and 11, 2018. We are pleased to share this recording from the January 11th presentation.

In total, 105 participants attended the January webinars. COF captured all of the questions posed during the webinars and grouped them by theme. A PDF copy of the webinar slides can be viewed here and a copy of the Q&As can be viewed here .

Initial Program Design Framework

The stakeholder consultation process informed stakeholders on initial progress made in developing the program. Participants had the opportunity to share feedback on the program’s draft prototype design framework. The draft framework shared during the stakeholder consultation can be seen below. Stakeholder feedback helped the Childhood Obesity Foundation to refine the program design framework and informed the work of the program  development team.